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Between a Rock and a Hard Place in your life?  Your perception of the hard place can actually be reframed into a Holy experience of communion and ultimate alignment with your creator.  It is in difficult places that we often become aggressive seekers and are more open to making great shifts in our lives.   Use this time in Holy communion to draw closer to God, to experience Him in all of his vastness and to return to your original glory.  Between a Rock and a Hard Place will show you how.


The True You gives the reader a fresh perspective on the truth about who we really are through the unfiltered eyes of our loving creator.  The worldly view of ourselves is distorted with untruth and delusions that has been hammered into our mental psyche since our early days.  The truth is our Father God crafted and shaped us into magnificent beings.  It is with this knowledge that we were called to shine in His glory as radiant sons and daughters.



Digital downloads of Between a Rock and a Hard Place and The True You will be available soon.