The recent racist fueled violent attack in Charlottesville did not awaken outrage within me as it easily could have, all things considering.  Instead, my first reaction was to pause and to pray for the family and friends of those who died, those who were injured, the community of Charlottesville, our government officials and for the people who’s hearts have turned to violence as the only remedy for their own inner suffering.

I don’t think that my prayers have anymore effect than yours and they certainly do not mean I have a higher level of religious/righteous authority.  I pray, especially for others, because it is necessary to reduce any of my own inner conflict and simply because the world needs it!  My perception of troubles in my life become clearer and the problems actually decrease when I consider the plight of another.  If we all acted with that same consideration, then healing can come to this troubled land.  thZSIQPJRO


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