In addition to spiritual fitness and wholeness, I have taken quite an interest in my physical health.  I’ve restructured my diet to include more nutritional and healthier foods and I also consume less food.  My new regimen includes physical exercise 3-4 times per week if not more.  I feel like my entire life is a miracle, but my working out consistently is one definite miracle because the majority of my life I truly hated the gym and anything associated with exercise.  It was indeed a miracle that I was on the marching band in high school because it involved… well… marching.

Now, I’ve come to appreciate the act of exercising as just another healing mechanism for my inner man.  I enjoy the camaraderie of a good workout class (Zumba or Amy’s Taebo, anyone?) and the feeling of accomplishment after I have grind out an hour or two of my personal gym routine.  I’ve come to really love that time; I hate to miss a day.  I am refreshed, rejuvenated and comforted in a way that ice cream (butter pecan with caramel drizzle or sweet cream topped with strawberries, wet walnuts and cool whip) used to provide.  My heart and my waistline are so incredibly grateful for that.

Sometimes, an exercise routine will call for the use of weights.  Often the instructor will say that if you are having a difficult time completing the routine, drop the weight so that you can continue.  Holding onto the weight, but not continuing the routine, wasn’t going to be helpful at all.  Getting through the routine was what was important.  As you build up endurance, you can add on the weights to have a more effective workout.

0e100c0c67f1725ca2c0375b3ef9b253That settled lightly in my spirit one day regarding this life journey.  Some of us are doing what we need to do, but with difficulty because we are carrying extra weights that hinder our progression.  Weight in this sense is a care or a burden that is heavy on your heart and/or emotions.  Some of them have built up over time and we’ve been dragging them along with us.  You can tell when someone has a burden that they can’t seem to shake because it will somehow come up in every conversation.  They drag it along to every event, function or pastime what somebody did to them, what breaks they missed, etc., etc.

That weight isn’t helpful on your journey… it’s a hindrance… a distraction.  You want to move forward, make progress and finish well.  To accomplish that, you can’t carry unnecessary baggage.  So, why don’t you live lighter and drop the weight?

  • Drop your stories.  The past is over.  Focus on the life that you can create today.
  • Drop your excuses.  Take responsibility.
  • Drop your misconceptions and negative delusions.   Find the bright side.  I guarantee that there is one.
  • Drop unforgiveness.  Storing injuries is a needless space robber.
  • Drop your procrastination.  No better time than NOW to do what it is you need to be doing.
  • Drop your weights.  Anything that is holding you back, keeping you stuck or limiting your view.  Lose it.


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