There is a sign in my bathroom “Better an Oops than a What If” that I get the pleasure of looking at every day while I’m brushing my teeth.  I put it in my bathroom specifically so that I could gaze upon it first thing in the morning and so it can be one of the last things I see at night.  At the start of the day, it is a gentle reminder to not waste the day in fear… to be bold and intentional in pursuit of the things in which I desire.  At the end of the day, it is an opportunity to lovingly release any errors, mistakes or setbacks I experienced that day.  Not only do I release them, I reframe them in my mind as just another opportunity for growth and maturity in an area.

Mistakes are opportunities.

The blessing of failures, setbacks and mistakes is that there are lessons to learn from every experience.  There lies a unique opportunity for contrast.  You really don’t know what it feels like to have the right thing until you’ve had what you perceive as wrong.  You don’t know the fresh feeling of cool water on a warm day until you’ve baked a while in the hot sun.  You don’t really know what you can truly handle until you actually go through something.  And if you don’t try, even if you fail, you’ll never know what untapped potential in you that has long been suppressed.

I don’t want an ounce of my potential left in me.  Like a sponge that is squeezed dry, I want to leave a trail of my potential all the way to the end.  I want to leave a legacy that outlasts me that blesses my children and my family.  I want to be a blessing to strangers.  I want my little light to shine so bright that every person who happens to cross my path is better for it.  I can’t do that living in a bubble, afraid to try, afraid to get out of my comfort zone, afraid to make any oops!  If you live your life trying to avoid failure, you will never be great.  Never.

Some of my paramount failures strengthened and established me in a way that is unmatched by all of my successes.  And once you cross a hurdle and realized that you came out unscathed… how much can you accomplish the next day having crossed a hurdle you previously felt that you could not cross?  I’ve had to cross over some major hurdles in my life that stretched me way past where I ever imagined that I could go.  And now… I totally feel that I am unstoppable.



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